Example 11: Sokolsky - Ravinsky

(1) Sokolsky - Ravinsky
USSR, 1938

1.a8B [ 1.a8Q? Rc2+= Wild rook.; 1.a8R? Rc2+= Wild rook.; 1.a8N? Rc8 2.Ra6 ( 2.Nc7 Rxc7 3.Rb8 Rc2+= Wild rook.) 2...Rxa8 3.Rxa8= Stalemate; 1.Rb8 Rc2+= Wild rook. ( 1...Rc8? 2.Ka3 Zugzwang 2...Rxb8 3.axb8N+- ) 2.Ka3 Ra2+ 3.Kb4 Ra4+ 4.Kc5 Ra5+ 5.Kd6 Ra6+ 6.Ke7 Rxa7+ 7.Kd8 Rd7+ 8.Kc8 Rc7+ 9.Kd8 Rd7+ 10.Kxe8 Rd8+ 11.Kxd8= Stalemate] 1...Rc8 [ 1...Rh5 2.Be4 Rxh6 3.Ka3 ( 3.Rb8 Rxf6 4.Rxe8++- ) 3...Rh5 4.Rb8 Re5 5.Bc6+- ; 1...Rc7 2.Bd5 Bd7 ( 2...Rd7 3.Rb8 Rd8 4.Bxf7++- ) 3.Rd6 Be8 ( 3...Rc8 4.Bxf7+ Kxf7 5.Rxd7++- ) 4.Bxf7+ Kxf7 5.Rd8+- ; 1...Re5 2.Bf3 ( 2.Rd6 Bc6 3.Rd8+ Be8 4.Rd2 Bc6 5.Bb7 Re8 6.Ba6 Bb5 7.Bxb5 Re2= ) 2...Rf5 3.Be4 Re5 4.Bd3 Bb5 5.Bc4+- White wins by bringing the rook to e7. 5...Re8 ( 5...Bc6 6.Bxf7+ Kxf7 7.Rxc6+- ) 6.Bxf7+ Kxf7 7.Rxb5+- ] 2.Be4 [ 2.Bd5 Rd8 3.Bc4 Rc8 4.Rb7 Rd8 5.Re7 Rc8 6.Ka3 Rb8 7.Bd5 Rd8 8.Kb4 Rb8+ 9.Ka5 Rd8 10.Kb6 Rc8 11.Kb7 Rd8 12.Kc7 Rd7+ 13.Rxd7 Bxd7 14.Bxf7+ Kxf7 15.Kxd7+- ] 2...Bc6 3.Bxc6 [ 3.Bb1 Be4 4.Ba2 Bb1= Black draws by perpetual check with the wild rook. This was the original drawing technique published by Krabbe in 'Schaakkuriosa' in 1974. However, Cortlever found a flaw in the 'bishop chase draw'. Cortlever's analysis is the main line.] 3...Ra8 4.Ba4 Re8 5.Ka3 Ra8 6.Re6 fxe6 [ 6...Rc8 7.Be8 Ra8+ 8.Kb2 Rc8 9.b4+- White wins by advancing the b-pawn.] 7.Kb4 Kf7 8.Bc6 Rb8+ 9.Kc5+- White wins by Be4 & Bxh7. 1-0

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