Endgame # R-6

(1) Endgame # R-6

The Philidor Position. Black draws by keeping the rook on the sixth rank until White's pawn advances to the sixth rank. Then Black moves the rook to the first rank so that it can check the White king from behind. 1.Rb7 Rc6 2.e6 Rc1 [ 2...Ra6? 3.Kf6+- Kd8 ( 3...Ra8 4.Rh7 ) 4.Kf7 Kc8 5.Rb4 Ra1 6.Rf4 ] 3.Kf6 Rf1+= 4.Ke5 Re1+ 5.Kd6 Rd1+ 1/2-1/2

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