Endgame # Q-17

(1) Endgame # Q-17

The White king is outside the line, so it's a draw. But Black must be careful. 1.Qd4+ Ke2 2.Qc3 Kd1 3.Qd3+ [ 3.Qb3 Kd2 4.Qa2 Kc3! ( 4...Kd1?? 5.Kd4 c1Q 6.Kd3+- ) ] 3...Kc1 4.Kd4 Kb2 5.Qd2 [ 5.Qe2 Ka1!

( 5...Kb1?? 6.Kc3 c1Q+ 7.Kb3+-

) 6.Kc3 c1Q+ 7.Kb3 Qb1+= ] 5...Kb1!

[ 5...Ka1?? 6.Kc3+- ] 6.Kc3 c1Q+= 1/2-1/2

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