Endgame # Q-2

(1) Endgame # Q-2

{Q vs. KP or QP or NP; Usually A Win} One of the three fundamental queen vs. pawn endings. 1.Qe7+ Kf2 2.Qd6 Ke2 3.Qe5+ Kf2 4.Qd4+ Ke2 5.Qe4+ Kf2 6.Qd3 Ke1 7.Qe3+

With this check the Black king is forced to block the pawn. Thus White gains a tempo to move the king towards the pawn. This technique must be repeated as many times as is necesary to bring the White king to the aid of the queen. 7...Kd1 8.Kb7 Kc2 9.Qe2 Kc1 10.Qc4+ Kb2 11.Qd3 Kc1 12.Qc3+ Kd1 13.Kc6 Ke2 14.Qc2 Ke1 15.Qe4+ Kf2 16.Qd3 Ke1 17.Qe3+ Kd1 18.Kd5 Kc2 19.Qe2 Kc1 20.Qc4+ Kb2 21.Qd3 Kc1 22.Qc3+ Kd1 23.Ke4 Ke2 24.Qe3+ Kd1 25.Kd3+- 1-0

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