Greater Worcester Chess Club, 19 Temple Street, Worcester, MA 01604
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Date Speaker Game/Topic Comments Links
May 27, 2004 Mike Burba Mate in 37 A long extended zugzwang problem recently discussed at the Waltham Chess Club. Game w/ Replay Board
September 9, 2004 IM James Rizzitano Understanding Your Chess Positions from Understanding Your Chess by Rizzitano .
September 16, 2004 Alonzo Ross Removing The Guard Tactics from
Learn Chess Tactics by Nunn
September 23, 2004 Mike Odell Returning to
the Middle Ages...
Fortress positions from
The Art of Defence in Chess by Polugayevsky & Damsky
September 30, 2004 Donna Alarie Alarie - Davis
2004 Continental Open

Queen's Gambit Declined

"The Art of Discarding the Correct Move" Notes w/ Replay Board