Greater Worcester Chess Club, 19 Temple Street, Worcester, MA 01604
Website Description
FIDE The International Chess Federation
USCF The United States Chess Association
CFC The Canadian Chess Federation
CCA The Continental Chess Association
MACA Massachusetts Chess Association
NHCA New Hampshire Chess Association
VCI Vermont Chess Information
MCA Maine Chess Association
NYSCA New York State Chess Association
ENYCA Eastern New York Chess Association
ICC The Internet Chess Club
MCC The Metrowest Chess Club, Natick, MA
BCC The Boylston Chess Club, Cambridge, MA
WCC The Waltham Chess Club, Waltham, MA
The Chess Cafe The Chess Cafe - instructional articles and more
Chessgames Chessgames - a free chess database and more
IM Jeremy Silman IM Jeremy Silman is widely regarded as one of the world's best chess authors. His website contains instructional articles, reviews, problems and more.
IM Igor Foygel IM Igor Foygel is one of the dominant players in New England and is also available as a chess coach.
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USCF Rating Use this link to the USCF website to find a player's USCF rating.
Top 100 Players
Use this link to see the list of the world's top players.
Top 100 Players
Use this link to see the list of the top players in the U.S.